Beautiful and refreshing sound of Japanese wind chimes – FURIN!
Let your thoughts sail away as gentle music drifts on the soft summer breeze! Unique Japanese style glass chime livens up your garden with a fresh nautical feel and a tinkling melody.

Nowadays, it is still very popular to hang furin wind chimes from the eaves of a house or in front of a window. The sound of wind chimes is a symbol for summer not only allowing to hear when a fresh breeze is coming but also bringing a feeling of relaxation! ♡♪

Wind chimes originated in China where they were used by fortune-tellers to predict one’s future according to the direction of the wind and the sound of the bell. They came to Japan along with Buddhism. In Japan wind chimes used to be placed in each of the four corners of temples to protect them from evil. For a long time glass type Furin were very expensive and not many people could afford them. They became really popular among regular people and spread all around Japan only in XIX a. when glass prices decreased.

Nuo seno vienas iš neatsiejamų vasaros simbolių Japonijoje yra Furin – taip vadinamas iš stiklo, metalo arba keramikos pagamintas melodingai tilindžiuojantis tradicinis japoniškas vėjo varpelis. Jo gaivus skambesys padeda žmonėms pamiršti apie kaitrą, nuramina ir veikia atpalaiduojančiai. Vėjo varpeliai į Japoniją atkeliavo iš Kinijos ir nuo Muromači periodo (1333- 1568) taip išpopuliarėjo, kad dabar be jų skambesio tiesiog neįsivaizduojama japoniška vasara. Akį traukiantis melodingai tilindžiuojantis pakabutis – ne tik aplinką puošiantis aksesuaras, bet, pasak rytiečių, ir sėkmę nešantis talismanas.

Ceramic wind bell Furin with adorable Sakura picture
Ceramic wind bell Furin with adorable Sakura picture



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